Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make or the services you offer, it's the story you tell. Great stories give people a reason to care and engage.
Creating relevant and engaging imagery that tell your brand's complete story is what I am passionate about.
Everybody has a great story.

My Story

Creating a Visual Story

The Process

To Listen

Where did the company start? Who are your employers? What inspired you to make this product. Understanding the Story behind the brand will inspire our approach to the photography

To Photograph

Working with the owner, creative director or marketing team we will plan a shoot around the story you are wanting to convey

To Produce

A library of completed imagery will be made available to you for download at any time. Start telling your story

See My Work


Gerard du toit - TJ Architects

“Etienne has a phenominal ability to capture buildings in a way that leaves one in awe. With his design background, Etienne appreciates the value of the right angles in architectural photography and he goes to extrodinary lenghts to get the right shot. A true artist!”

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Ongoing SUpport

Keeping your clients engaged

Once you have used our services, and would like ongoing support, inquire about our memberships, consulting packages, retainers or additional once off projects.