"I love that feeling you get at the start of a journey, that potential for discovery ... I love that feeling you get as a movie starts, when your about to escape into the realms of sci-fi and fantasy for a few precious hours... I love the sea. I love the mountains. Which do I love the most? Mountains, for today, I think. You know the way the rain sounds as it beats down on a tin roof.. and the smell that fills the air. I love the way photography surprises me, the way it captures far more than I can ever see. Finding that one picture that stands out, the hidden treasure held in my hands. You just know when you have it. Your eyes and your instinct tell you. It's a love thing. For me it's a life thing. Photography is my language of life, my creativity, my vision. Welcome to my life........"

After completing a National Diploma in Interior Design in 1996, with a distinction in photography, I travelled for 13 years from Europe to the Americas, India and Australia. I based myself in the UK where I pursued my photography education further. I am now based in Hilton, Kwazulu Natal South Africa and undertake commissions around the country.


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Hilton, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa 

Hilton, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa 

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