"I love that feeling you get at the start of a journey, that potential for discovery ... I love that feeling you get as a movie starts, when you are about to escape into the realms of sci-fi and fantasy for a few precious hours... I love the mountains. You know the way the rain sounds as it beats down on a tin roof.. and the smell that fills the air. I love the way photography surprises me, the way it captures far more than I can ever see."

It was while studying Interior Design at the Natal Technikon that I discovered my love for photography. It seemed that I had a real knack for it and graduated with distinction. After Tech I moved to the UK where I worked in the interior design industry but I found myself continually being drawn into seeing the world through the lens.

I received a GCSE A level in photography from Richmond Adult and Community College and spent much time in one-on-one photo courses with professional photographers in the UK. 

After living in the UK and Australia and travelling around the world exploring countries, their amazing cultures and rock climbing in the most incredible places, I returned to my roots in Durban in 2010 where I set up my commercial photography business and have been capturing businesses and their stories ever since.