Bizana Hospital & community - Eastern Cape

TJ Architects were the contracted architects for a new government hospital, St Patricks, being built in the Bizana, Eastern Cape. They really wanted the community of Bizana to feel that St Patrick's was their hospital and part of their story, and so commissioned me to spend some time in Bizana documenting the Hospital staff, well known people in the community, as well as the every day people of Bizana. These images would then be used as artwork thorough the hospital, bringing a sense of ownership to the community.

With the aid of an incredible guide, Qwezi, I spent a number of days in Bizana meeting and documenting its people. One of the artworks we conceptualised was a huge collage of the faces of the people of Bizana. In order to do this Qwezi and I set up a roadside studio and encouraged people to sit for their portrait. People were unsure at first but before long we had a queue of willing participants. The collage now hangs in the main entrance to the hospital.

Once all the construction and final touches were complete I went back to St Patricks to document the fully completed hospital. It was a rather surreal feeling fro me to see my images lining the walls and I felt very proud to have contributed in a small way to this communities story.

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