Super Spud Potatoes & Beef

The Dwen family own a farm in the Southern Drakensberg specialising in Beef Master cattle for Stud and Potatoes of seed. They were in the process of rebranding and wanted a set of images that told the story of the farm and their daily lives.

We also conceptualised two specific images that they wanted to use for their branding. The first image was of a herd of running bulls, the second image was of 2 prize bulls crossing a pristine Drakensberg river.

For the first image we ran the bulls through a paddock gate into a dusty field. We were looking for that image that showed off the strength of the bulls by using the dust. We repeated this a few times which was very amusing to the farm workers who thought I kept "missing" the bulls as they stampeded past me.

Documenting The Dwen farm in one of my most favourite places and to experience farm life first hand was an incredible experience, and one that I am honoured to have documented for them.

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